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Are you trying to amp up your earned media game? Well, look no further than media contacts segmentation. By organizing and categorizing your media contacts, you can tailor your pitches and increase the chances of getting coverage. In this article, we will provide you with some valuable tips to effectively segment your media contacts and improve your earned media strategy.

Understanding Media Contacts Segmentation

Segmentation involves dividing your media contact list into different categories or groups based on specific criteria. This enables you to create targeted pitches that resonate with the interests of each group. By doing so, you can increase the likelihood of journalists, bloggers, and influencers engaging with your content and covering your brand or story.

Identify Relevant Segmentation Criteria

The first step in effective media contacts segmentation is to identify the criteria by which you will categorize your contacts. Start by considering factors such as industry focus, beat, geographical location, publication type, and audience demographics. By understanding these criteria, you can create meaningful segments that align with your goals and target audience.

Create Specific Segment Tags

Once you have determined the segmentation criteria, it’s time to create specific segment tags for each category. These tags will help you organize your media contacts and easily identify which segment a particular contact belongs to. Using a media contacts list provider like MediaContacts.co can simplify this process by providing pre-defined tags and customizable options to meet your specific needs.

Implement Consistent Tagging System

Consistency is key when it comes to tagging your media contacts. Make sure to use the same tags across your entire contact list to avoid confusion and ensure accuracy. Establish clear guidelines for your team members to follow when tagging new contacts or updating existing ones. This will help maintain a clean and organized database that is easy to navigate.

Personalize Your Outreach Strategy

One of the greatest benefits of media contacts segmentation is the ability to personalize your outreach strategy. Once you have categorized your contacts, tailor your pitches and messages to each specific segment. Research the interests, preferences, and writing style of journalists within each category to craft compelling and relevant pitches that are more likely to grab their attention.

  • Personalize your subject lines to catch the recipient’s eye
  • Mention previous articles or stories they’ve covered in your pitch
  • Highlight how your story aligns with their beat or audience interests
  • Provide exclusive data or insights related to their area of focus
  • Show appreciation for their work and the impact it has on your industry

By personalizing your outreach strategy, you demonstrate that you have done your homework and are genuinely interested in building a mutually beneficial relationship with the journalist or influencer.

Continuously Update and Refine Your Segments

Media landscapes are constantly evolving, with journalists changing beats, publications restructuring, and new influencers emerging. Therefore, it’s crucial to regularly update and refine your segment tags to ensure they remain accurate and relevant. Keep an eye on industry trends, follow key journalists on social media, and stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in your field to adapt your segments accordingly.

In conclusion, media contacts segmentation is a powerful technique that can significantly improve your earned media strategy. By understanding the criteria for segmentation, implementing a consistent tagging system, and personalizing your outreach strategy, you can increase your chances of securing valuable media coverage. Remember to continuously update and refine your segments to stay in tune with the ever-changing media landscape. Start segmenting your media contacts today and watch your earned media efforts soar to new heights!

Published on December 21, 2023
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