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Earned Media
5X Boost in Conversions

Earned media excels with a 5X higher conversion rate for brands than traditional media (Newswire), generates 25-40% of traffic and leads (G2), and enjoys a 92% trust rate among consumers (Cision).

Browse Media Contacts Lists
Media Contacts

Buy Once, Reuse Again and Again

Purchase media contacts just once and utilize them repeatedly to broadcast your story globally. Enjoy substantial savings over traditional press release distribution services, keeping your budget in check.

Browse Media Contacts Lists
Media Contacts

Universal Format
Import to Excel or CRM

Effortlessly import data in CSV or Excel formats to Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or directly into leading CRM platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho. Simplify and accelerate your data management process.

Browse Media Contacts Lists
Media Contacts