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Unlock the potential of our extensive Media Contacts database, providing you with a valuable resource to effortlessly reach out to the media and generate impactful earned media for your brand or business. Discover a world of media opportunities at your fingertips!
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Browse and select the media contacts lists that works for you. Lists are available by US states, industry, etc.
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Generate Media AttentionAre you looking to generate media attention? Look no further than Media Contacts. Our comprehensive lists of media contacts provide you with direct access to editors, contributors, reporters, hosts, and influencers, empowering you to enhance your publicity and promotional endeavors.Say goodbye to expensive intermediaries and press release distribution services. Connect directly with the media using Media Contacts.
Earned Media StatisticsEarned media has 5X more conversions for brands than traditional media.(source: Newswire)Earned media makes up 25 to 40% of traffic and lead generation.(source: G2)According to Cision's State of the Media Report, 92% of consumers trust earned media.(source: Cision)
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Save thousands of dollars compared to traditional press release distribution services.